Design Requirement - PVC card

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◆ Trim size 85.5*54mm, bleed size is 89*57mm.

◆ All fonts should be outlined

◆ Please save the file in CDR, PDF or PSD format. PSD must with layers separately.

◆ If the files are JPG, TIFF, please do it 300dpi.

◆ The color must be CMYK or PMS.

◆ The texts, LOGO and all printing content must be 3mm to the card edge, or they will be cut

◆ The lines shouldn’t be less than 0.1mm, or it cannot be viewed clearly.

◆ The embossed number to the edge is 5mm, magnetic strip is 4.5mm, the flat number/barcode & inkjet number/barcode should be 3mm. Please leave enough space when you doing the design.

◆ If there’s foil stamped, spot UV, print god/silver ink content, please must provide vector image.

◆ If the designs are picture, please note embossed number, flat number, barcode, signature......all the options can’t be combined with the background, they are must be separated layers.

◆ All the PMS or silk-screen print all must be vector image, picture is not allowed.

◆ The color difference between the finished cards and computer design is allowed within 10%.

◆ Please control background color more than 10%, in order to avoid unviewable color.

◆ The same design, print at different times, the colors will be different. Color differences within 10% are normal. So please provide sample to follow color of repeat order if request color very strict.

◆ the stamped LOGO can’t be too big and the lines can’t be too thin. Try to make the lines thicker than 0.1mm

◆ Please check the design carefully before starting order, no changes on design once we have started the order.