Notices of Metal cards

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 About Material

We are using stainless steel metal to do our metal card. Please contact us if you want other material.


◆ Metal card size

The common used sizes of metal cards are 85*54mm, 80*50mm and 89*51mm. Any other sizes are welcome.


◆ Metal card thickness

0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1mm. The common used one is 0.3mm. The prices between each thickness are different.


◆ printing methods 

silk-screen print and offset printing.


 print full color on metal card

We can do full color on silver/gold/rose metal card. As the card color is not white, so we have to print white backer first and then print full color logo. We can’t do full color logo on the black metal card.


◆ Graphic design

We need vector image to do metal card, all the texts, lines and logos are must be vector.

If it is a full color printing, then it is ok to be picture, but price of this way will be high.


◆ Texture background

You can choose the texture background from our stock texture, or you can provide us the vector image of texture to do it.


◆ Lace

You can choose the cutout lace from our stock lace, or you can provide us the vector image of lace to do it.


◆ Plated color

For metal card, we can do several kinds color plated, they're gold/silver/rose/black/bronze.


◆ Card finished

There’re several ways to do the card finishing, but different color with different finished.

For black metal card, we can do it matte black, glossy black and brushed.

For Silver/gold card, we can do it glossy, frosted, mirror and brushed.

For rose metal card, we can do it glossy, frosted, mirror and brushed.

For the bronzed card, we usually do it brushed.

We can do brushed for all kinds metal cards, such as black brushed metal card, silver brushed metal card, gold brushed metal card, rose brushed metal card and bronzed brushed metal card.


◆ Metal card additional options

etched, printing, polish, plated, print ink number, corrosion convex and concave number, magnetic strip, barcode, QR code, signature, scratch off panel, brushed, mirror, cutout and so on.


◆ Etched

There’re normal etched and deep etched.

We can do normal etched and then print, can’t do printing on the etched. Which i meant is the normal etched area still can be printed while the deep etched area can’t be printed.

The etched not to the edge is free, there’s extra cost if etched to the edge.


◆ We need to know this to work out price.

◎ What size and thickness?

the standard thickness is 0.3mm.

◎ What’s the quantity?

MOQ is 100pcs

◎ What kind of metal card?

Gold/silver/rose/black/standard silver card?

◎ What finished?

Mirror/brushed/glossy/frosted or with texture?

◎What kinds of options you need?

Print number/names? Need barcode/magstrip or not? Need laser engraved?

◎How many colors? Is there’re full color or not.

There’s extra cost if printing and etched to the edge.

◎Please send me design if you have.

◎please send shipping details.