PVC cards - basis knowledge

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PVC card material 

◎White PVC 

◎Black PVC 

◎Transparent PVC 



PVC card size and shape 

 ISO Standard size - CR80: 85.5*54mm

 Customized size, any sizes are welcome. Price is higher than standard size.

 Standard thickness is 0.76mm

 Other thickness are 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.84mm,1mm. For the thin card 0.3~0.6mm, the price is higher than 0.76mm if the quantity is lower 10000pcs.

 Standard shape with round corner. 

 Customized shape, any simple shape are welcome. Price is higher than standard shape. 


Combo card standard size 

 standard 3tags in one card size is (28.5+28.5+28.5)*54mm. Thickness is 0.5mm or 0.76mm. with 5mm hole, the hole is 3mm to the edge. 


combo card is one card with one tag, size is (85.5*28.5)*54mm.

Thickness is 0.5mm or 0.76mm. with 5mm hole, the hole is 3mm to the edge.



PVC card finishing 

◎Glossy finished. The most common used one. The surface will reflect when you turn the cards from different agnle. See the picture below.


◎Matte finished. Surface of it is not reflective, non-mirror effect. It’s good looking for black background with foil stamped.


◎Frosted finished. It’s a rough surface, you can see it by eye or feel it by touching. it’s good looking when it is a transparent pvc card.


PVC card procedures 

◎Printing→laminated→overlay→signature→spot UV→magstrip→hot foil stamped→print number→scratched off panel→quanlity checking→packing→shipment→signed pacakge →aftersales service


PVC card printing method 

◎Offset printing: for full color cards.

Most of the cards are offset printing, this is the most common used one. It’s quick, convenient and flexible. The offset printing can be any kind of CMYK color, when it is full color or one color, we can do it offset printing.


◎Silk-screen printing: for PMS or color without gradient.

Silk-screen print color is very precise, it’s a good choice if you are strick on color. But it cost very high and it takes longer time to print, as it is printing by hand not by machine. The silk-screen print line or texts can’t be too thin. And must provide vector image for silk-screen print order.


◎Didital printing: usually for photo ID cards

The digital printing quality is not as good as offset printing. The advantage is we can do very small quantity like 1pcs and it won’t cost too much. The best choice for photo ID cards and small quantity order.


◎Silk-screen print silver/gold sparkly background and then offset printing design. This is a way to achieve the metallic background card. There’s extra cost.


◎Offset print and then silk-screen print silver dust. There’s extra cost.


The ways to protect cards from scratched 

◎Open OPP bag & Seal OPP bag

If you don’t want the cards to be scratched much, we suggest to use OPP bags for every card. Theres’s extra cost of OPP bag.


◎Protective film

It is a transparent film to add oh the surface of cards, can be tore off when using the cards.



What kinds of cards need overlay? 

◎transparent card

◎silk-screen printing

◎thermal print flat number

◎thermal print barcode

◎Many lines embossed number

◎Spot UV

◎Big area with foil stamped

◎Die cut card (like combo card, nonstandard size card)

◎Many lines embossed number

◎Protective film

◎Print gold/silver ink

◎Metallic background or Sprinkle gold and silver powder


What kind of cards required specialissue fee?  

◎Frosted Cards

◎Transparent Cards

◎ Matt Laminated Cards

◎ The thickness of cards is not 0.76mm (such as 0.30mm, 0.50mm, 1mm and so on)

◎ Hi-Co Magnetic Stripe Cards, Narrow magnetic strip, Imported magnetic strip

◎ Die Cut Cards (size isn’t 85.5mm×54mm)

◎ Protective Film Required

◎ Silk Screen with Offset Printing Cards

◎ Gold/silver card

◎ Sprinkle gold and silver powder

◎ Spot UV

◎ Follow sample color, and quantity is less than 10000pcs

◎ With sticker

◎ With Water mark

◎ Stable material

◎ Silk-screen printing order

◎ With Pantone color

◎ screen&offset print white

◎If the request of colors is very strict, different versions cannot be arranged together to print, and the quantity is less than 20000pcs.(if the quantity is large than 20000pcs, $50 is not required.)