Product Details

 Eva Coaster

◎ Material: Eva+coated paper

◎ Size: Dia 10CM

◎ Finished: Glossy finish 

 Shape: Square and Round

◎ Design: CMYK full color 

 Packing: 1pc/opp


Promotional Cup Coaster&Mats&Pads 

It is generally used in restaurants, cafes, hotels and other public eating places, which can be used as advertising ornaments to improve the image. Colorful plastic coasters with the company's LOGO is more prominent, more close to people's life, strong friction prevent glass cup slipped. It can also protect the desktop from ironing. There are many sizes and sizes. The cup mats are widely used as the carrier of advertising, brand promotion, festival commemoration, promotional gifts, business gifts and so on.


◎ Material: Cork, EVA, rubber, cardboard + coated paper+ overlay

Or the other material such as absorbent paper, Silicon, soft PVC and metal.

◎ Regular Size: Dia 9CM and 10CM for round, 9*9CM and 10*10CM for square

 Thickness: 1mm~5mm

◎ Finished: matte or glossing finish 

◎ Shape: Square, Round or customized

◎ Design: Customized Logo and brand in one or full color

◎ Packing: 1pc/opp

 Application: promotions gift, publicity, personal ornaments, gifts, festivals, activities, advertising


Diffferent material coaster:

 EVA coaster: EVA + coated paper + full color printing + overlay, very light and durable

 Cork coasters: Cork +coated paper + full color printing + overlay. Wooden coaster is practical and durable. The color can be printed directly on the surface of the cork too.

 Rubber cup mat: Rubber+coated paper + full color printing + overlay. Its more wear-resistant, and very antiskid.

Cardboard coaster: Grey hard cardboard + ccoated paper+ full color printing + overlay laminated.

 Absorbent paper coaster: made of absorbent paper, can be printed on the material directly. Its not very practical usually because of its own fragile characteristics, can not be washed with water.

 PP coaster: PP plastic as a bottom material can be printed in full color or PP+EVA combination coaster are also popular.

 Soft PVC coaster: variety style, such as cartoon characters, brand modeling, simulation model and so on, with the company's LOGO is more outstanding, not only practical, but also can play a very good visual effect and advertising effect.


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pro-detailsPrinting instruction

1. Reserved bleeding

There’re product size and printing size. The product size is finished size, 1.5mm bleeding should be added to the product size to increase printing size. The 1.5mm bleeding will be cut after binding. For example, the 85.5*54mm card, if the color pictures or the lines close to the finished size edge, we have to enlarge or extend them to the 1.5mm bleeding to reach the size as 88.5*57mm. This way, there’s no white edge after cutting.

2. About grey color

Please use single grey color / process black, don’t use CMYK grey. Because CMYK grey color is every easy to change, the printing will be blurred and come out with other colors, the finished product is a big difference with original design. If we printed a process black K80, the color won’t change too much, it’s close to the design color after printed.

3. About texts

All the texts should be outlined before you save it in PDF/AI/CDR. It means to make all the texts into curves, the font won’t change when it open in any computer, even we don’t have that font you used in thedesign in our computer. If the texts are not outlined, and it happen that we don’t have that font im our computer, the font will change when we open the file in our computer, ssee below you will know the difference. The problem can be solved if you send us that font.



4. About the Chromatic aberrations

◆ Please use professional design software to design.
◆ Please use CMYK mode to design, don’t use RGB. CYMK mode is
used for printing while RGB mode is for screen. When we converted the RGB to CMYK, some color will change little, some color will have a big changes, the changed colors probably are not the ones you want them to be. So please use CMYK when you design, then you can see a final color of what you want.
◆ Try to avoid using the easy aberration chromatic. Such as CMYK grey, brown, dark blue, purple.
◆ If you are stickly on the color, we suggest to use PMS or print sample to check color before bulk order.