Product Details

Product name: Tinplate badge

Material: 157G coated paper with full color printing and glossy finished+tinplate+pin

Shape: round or customized

Size: Dia 25mm or customized

Usage:Advertising, brand promotion, festivals, promotional gifts, business gifts

Packing: 1pcs/OPP


Tinplate badge regular size

Round: 18MM, 20MM, 25 MM, 30 MM, 32 MM, 36 MM, 38 MM, 40 MM, 44 MM,

50 MM,56 MM, 58 MM, 65 MM, 75 MM, 78MM, 100MM, 110MM

Square: 25*25MM / 30*30MM

Oval: 30*40MM

Heart shape: 43*38MM

Triangle: 43*43MM

The characteristics of tinplate mirror

◆Good visual effects:

The design of the tinplate mirror is unlimited, the shape can be customized, the color is bright and beautiful, and the consumers are impressed and graceful;

◆Low price:

Small MOQ, reasonable price, More economical and affordable than other advertising media!

◆High practicability:

Tinplate mirror beautiful and durable, long service life, good investment, can be long-term advertising, easy to carry.

◆advertising effect is good:

The tinplate has the advantages of low price, good visual effect, long time effect, high practicability, and good effect of natural advertisement.


Tinplate badge is a good kind of badge among the badge, the material is good tin, coated paper, plastic or iron bottom on the back, with pin as accessories. Variety of sizes, widely used in food, nutrition, electronic products and other promotional products, because the price is low. Tinplage badge also can be used as advertising gifts for advertising, brand promotion, festival celebrations, promotional gifts, business gifts and so on

The pattern has bright film protection, not fade, not easy to damage. Fine print, high quality materials, with different bottoms and pins.


Here are some tips for use and maintenance:

◎Tinplate badge is mainly based on thin tinplate, it is easy to deformation if it is improper protection, it cant be used when it is deformation, so we must be sure to avoid collisions.

◎Tinplate badge cannot be cleaned using brush, the layer can easily be washed off.

◎Tinplate badge at the same time can not despise the placed environment, especially easy to oxidize place.


Tinplate Products:

Tinplate Badge: coated paper with full color printing + tinplate +pin

Tinplate Mirror: coated paper with full color printing + tinplate + mirror

Tinplate bottle opener: coated paper with full color printing+ tinplate + bottle opener

Tinplate magnet: coated paper with full color printing+ tinplate + soft magnetic / strong magnetic


Above products are widely used in Companies, groups, offices, schools.


pro-detailsPrinting instruction





About texts

All the texts should be outlined before you save it in PDF/AI/CDR. It means to make all the texts into curves, the font won’t change when it open in any computer, even we don’t have that font you used in thedesign in our computer. If the texts are not outlined, and it happen that we don’t have that font im our computer, the font will change when we open the file in our computer, ssee below you will know the difference. The problem can be solved if you send us that font.



About the Chromatic aberrations

◆ Please use professional design software to design.
◆ Please use CMYK mode to design, don’t use RGB. CYMK mode is
used for printing while RGB mode is for screen. When we converted the RGB to CMYK, some color will change little, some color will have a big changes, the changed colors probably are not the ones you want them to be. So please use CMYK when you design, then you can see a final color of what you want.
◆ Try to avoid using the easy aberration chromatic. Such as CMYK grey, brown, dark blue, purple.
◆ If you are stickly on the color, we suggest to use PMS or print sample to check color before bulk order.